Modificación de los números de artículo y códigos de producto de Festo a partir de septiembre de 2016

Seitz Process Automation Products become Festo


Starting now we will migrate all type codes and part numbers of our products to the Festo system. On this website we have compiled all important information for you.



Which changes will take place?

All products that have been supplied to you by Festo CVT with a Seitz label will get a Festo type code and part number starting from now.



When will the products be available with Festo label?

From now, all valves, coils and accessories that have been supplied with a Seitz label will be migrated to Festo type codes and part numbers.



Until when will the Seitz labelled products be available?

Until 31 July 2016 the remaining stock of Seitz labelled products will be sold off. From then on only Festo labelled valves, coils and accessories will be available.



Will there be changes with the certification documents?

Yes, all certification documents (ex certificates, SIL certificates) will be issued for Festo. Aditionally, we will add many international certifications (IEC-Ex, NEPSI, KOSHA, INMETRO, etc.).



Where do I find the new product documentation (manuals, certificates)?

All product related documentation can be found on Festo Support Portal. After entering the Festo part number or type code you will get all relevant documents. You can find the Festo Supportportal at



Will all products still be available?

Nearly all of the products will still be available after the migration to Festo. For the discontinued products, there will be a 100% compatible alternative or a functionally identical item. Please look up a Seitz type code or part number in our Festo Cross Reference Tool to check what is the Festo replacement part.



Where and how can I order the products?

From now on our products will be available through the Festo Onlineshop, your Festo sales engineer or your Festo sales office.

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